Application Form
Introductory $350 Membership


  • 10 Rounds of Golf (10 additional rounds $20 per round)

  • $50 clubhouse account

  • Bonus $50 clubhouse account for member who introduces you

  • Golf Handicap / Insurance

  • Membership card

  • Free One Hour Golf Clinic with Club Professional

  • 10% Discount Voucher for Pro Shop

Date of birth:*
Do you have a current handicap:
GolfLink Number (if Applicable):
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Terms & Coniditions:*

I understand that if accepted for Membership, I will abide by the Constitution and
Rules of the Tasmania Golf Club, and will be held accountable for all monies owing
to the Club, relating to my subscription, from the date of acceptance, and any costs
incurred by the Club in recovering any outstanding subscriptions or other costs in
line with my obligations under the constitution until such time as I tender my
written resignation.

I understand that, not withstanding any further information I may receive, my
application for membership or any subsequent application to transfer to another
category of membership is not fully approved until such time as it has been presented
to a meeting of the Board.  Under normal circumstances, the application would be
presented to the next Board Meeting after receipt of the application.

I understand that when this form, duly completed, is received by the Club along with
the Nomination Fee which applies to the category for which membership is sought, I
may play without payment of green fees and may play in competition fields to enable
me to return three cards for handicap purposes.  I understand that, should this
application be refused, this amount will be refunded in full.

Payment for membership will be made in full at the time of this application and will
cover the period 1st December 2016 through 31st March 2018.

I agree to abide by the clubs policies and code of conduct arrangements.

I have read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions of Membership and agree
to accept them.